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“KNB Transfers is one of the best companies in Split offering private car service and some excursions. They have standard vehicles as well as luxury limousines”.

This is how the global travel agency Flight Network describes our services at KNB Transfers to their customer in their recent blog post
titled “72 Hours to Explore Land and Sea in Split”. Every now and then Flight Network releases these excellent blog posts in an effort to help their many customers choosing the right destinations, and the right companies to contact when they go on vacations around the world. Flight Network is responsible for sending countless tourists away on great holidays every single day, so they thrive to make sure they deliver some top-class, great tips!  We appreciate their write up about KNB Transfers, and we hope tourists to Split will contact us, so we can help make your vacation even better.

And it can be difficult in a place like Split, Croatia where the options are endless in term of tour companies and experiences to book to ensure an unforgettable vacation. If you do go with us, we promise a unique, luxury experience in our transfer cars, and we can help you go wherever you wish to go on your vacation. We will help you customize the perfect tours and excursions. So do not hesitate to contact us, and we will help make your vacation in Split even better!