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We are a company specialized in the transportation of passengers. We provide transportation for over 10 years. Our quality is courtesy and flexibility when using our services. Every year we invest in new vehicles to meet the needs of our customers. We have a new and luxury vehicles that have a lot of space for passengers and their luggage. Many years of experience of our drivers on tourist buses and their knowledge of English and Italian language only further talk about our professionalism. The company recorded a constant qualitative and quantitative growth at the expense of the many satisfied customers who use our services from year to year. Our mission is to provide you with better and better service for more comfortable travel. If you want to experience the superior service of Transport with luxury cars in Croatia be free to contact us.

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K.N.B Mobile
Zajednički obrt za usluge
Omiška 14a, 21 000 Split
OIB: 70834895961
Vl. Sandra Bulat, Mateo Bulat i Ivo Bulat
e-mail: mateo.bulat@inet.hr
tel: 00385 91 150 3536

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